PFS - 2020Media Customer Portal

Welcome to PFS - From 2020Media.com

The customer portal from 2020Media is exclusive to our customers and brings many features together in one place. If you call us for support, please quote your Telephone PIN. This should be set as soon as possible here


  • View and download invoices, statements, receipts.
  • Reports of your domains and services.
  • Raise and respond to any kind of query.
  • Secure complaint handling service.
  • Update your profile with social media links.
  • Exclusive offers for customers only.
  • Control panel for service management.

From this portal, we hope to bring together control panel functions, reports and messages.. We use the web more than ever before and it made sense to integrate many of our communications in one place, that would provide a central storage area for our customers that would not be at the mercy of junk mail filters, laptop hard disk crashes and the like.

How does it work?

The first step is to login on the home page (https://pfs.2020media.com). The login help page will help you get started.  Currently there are 4 parts to the portal -  My Documents, My Profile, My Messages and My Gems. These are displayed along the top menu.

  • My Documents - This is the main section for downloading reports. Reports include invoices, account credentials and renewals.
  • My Profile - A user section where you can change your password, update your contact information, set a telephone PIN, add social links and more.
  • My Messages - Raise a query with our billing, complaints or customer services technical teams. This is part of our customer service level commitment to you with defined response times and escalation procedures.
  • My Gems - Gems from 2020Media are useful tools and enhancements to your account. Other hosts would call this a control panel.
  • Knowledgebase - Sometimes the best support means getting out of your customer’s way - our knowledgebase helps you find out the answers to your questions.

Each customer has contacts - billing, technical and admin. For instance, your book-keeper may be your billing contact, whereas you are the admin contact (who we contact for renewals and the like), and your web designer is the technical contact. Everyone has a login to our portal and will get targeted information relevant to them - so your book-keeper does not see the technical queries your web designer has been discussing with our technical support team.

Feedback and Help

We aim to make the system easy to use, but we'd like to hear from you about any problems or suggestions you may have. For instance, are there any extra reports you'd like us to make available.

We have setup a brief survey to gather feedback from you. Details are given in your portal welcome letter.