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2020Media makes online security a priority because we want you to feel completely confident about using our services. The following explains how we use and protect the information you might give us.

Account details

We store all your account details and other such information on secure servers, adhering strictly to all relevant UK legislation. We protect any passwords from interception and other important data are encoded (using 128-bit SSL encryption software) so that when transmitted they can't be viewed fraudulently. We do not store credit card numbers at all and we direct all payments by credit card via our secure website to prevent the details being given over the telephone network. We are PCI/DSS Compliant.

Contacting us by phone and email

We recommend you set up Security to protect your account details. This is done under My Profile -> Security. Once you have this setup when you contact us we can authenticate you and so provide information that is only available to the account holder.

How do I set up Security?

Log in to the customer portal. Then select My Profile. In the Profile section there is a tab marked Security. This is where the details are stored. To update the security information, click Edit and then Update your Profile. Click the Security tab and type in the information. Finally click Update to save the security information.

What if I forget the security information?

You can always update the security information you have set by logging in to the customer portal. Select My Profile. In the Profile section click the tab marked Security.

If you can't remember the details when you call us, don't worry, we will still be able to help you. We will use alternative methods to authenticate the request – for instance we might call you back using the information we have in our customer database.