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My Messages - FAQ

Messages System – Track and respond to your queries

Raise a Query

To raise a query with our customer services team, login to the portal, then click My Messages --> Submit New Enquiry

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Respond to a Query

When we respond to your query, the system send you an email to let you know. You'll need to login to the portal to reply to the response, or email using the same email address our response was sent to (the system only recognises responses from your registered email address). Once you've logged in, click My Messages, then click on the Subject of the query. This will show you the full query and any responses. If you want to add another response, follow the link that says "Click here to reply".

You can see all previous correspondence, as well as look at your other messages.

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A note on Attachments

For security and technical reasons, we only allow attachments to be added via the portal. When replying to a message, use the Attachments dialog to upload a file. Additional files can be added if necessary.

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Certain file types are restricted for security.

Any attachments sent by email, including graphical signature blocks, will be ignored and cannot be viewed by our customer service team.

Close a Query

Once the query you raised has been answered to your satisfaction, please close the ticket. If we have replied and there is no response from you, the ticket will close itself after a few days.


Why can't I just email you?

2020Media used a system called RT (Request Tracker) for many years. This was an email based tracking system. The problem was that spammers got hold of the addresses we used for this system. We could not implement aggressive anti-spam on the server that handles the email for fear of losing a genuine support request. Our customer services team had to spend a significant period of time each day deleting spam emails from the system.

Other drawbacks were that customers couldn't view the entire 'thread' of query and response in one place, and we sometimes had different people replying to queries but our responses only went to the original sender.


Why we changed to the portal-based system.

To handle financial, customer service and technical support requests we have implemented a primarily web based system that only customers can access. Only contacts of customers with a login to the new portal are able to raise or respond to requests (sometimes called 'tickets'). This ensures spammers cannot access our customer services.


Comparison of Support Handling Systems


Old New

Close tickets with immediate feedback

Customer can view complete history

Customer can see status of request

Susceptical to spam

Search facility

Open Message from Control Panel
Open Message by Email

View responses via email

View responses via web

Respond to queries via email
Respond to queries via web


The new system offers a number of improvements. Customer are still able to email queries. As long as the registered email address is used, the system will recognise them and open a request. Similarly replies to answers provided by our team can be made by email, as well as the web.

In summary, we believe the systems offers enhancements over the email-only system, and reduces many problems. We hope you agree but are always open to feedback.