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My Profile - FAQ

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My Profile

This section is provided for you to edit your account for the 2020Media customer portal. You can change your username and password, and update various items of personal information. This information can help us get in contact with you should there be a problem with your primary details - for example if your email is on a domain name that has expired.

Changes to the 'My Profile' section are synchronised with your primary contact details. Because these form part of the contract you have with 2020Media, we reserve the right to validate these and reject changes which we think are invalid. If you wish to change contact information on domain names you own, we ask you to contact us regarding this.

Sections in your profile allow you to set a PIN for security when calling us, and to opt in or out of notifications from us.


When you visit My Profile, you will also be alerted to the last time we recorded a login.